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vidma - Virtual Disks Manipulator




vidma is a utility for manipulating virtual disk images. It can show basic information about the image or resize it. Resizing is done by in-place modification of a file holding the image or by creating modified copy of such file.

If you provide only INPUT_FILE argument, then vidma checks whether this file is a virtual disk image, i.e. has one of supported FORMATS, and shows information about it.

Giving additionally NEW_SIZE_IN_MB value, which should be a positive integer, you tell vidma to perform a resize operation on the INPUT_FILE. Unless you provide OUTPUT_FILE, resizing will be performed in-place. NEW_SIZE_IN_MB is the new desired size of virtual disk, using megabyte (1048576 bytes) as a unit.

By specifying OUTPUT_FILE you prevent vidma from modifying INPUT_FILE. OUTPUT_FILE becomes then an appropriately modified copy of INPUT_FILE.

With no arguments, vidma displays its version and usage information.


The vidma command expects INPUT_FILE to be valid virtual disk image in one of currently supported formats:


There is no free space checking before resizing and there is no error handling. This means you won't notice a failure if it will happen. Obviously this has to be fixed in future versions.

To reduce possible damages of in-place operation ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR IMAGE or do not use in-place operations at all by providing OUTPUT_FILE every time.


Written by Przemyslaw Pawelczyk.


If you find any bug, then please create a new issue in the project's GitHub page and describe the problem there, unless someone already did it before you.

Remember to provide following information:

Copyright (C) 2009-2011 Przemyslaw Pawelczyk <przemoc@gmail.com>

  1. February 2011
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